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Lawyers activities | Anwaltstätigkeiten

Attorneys Activities and Interests

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Long-term consulting and representation of small, medium and large companies in the following industrial sectors:

  • Computer and Information Technology - IT
  • Press, Media and Web Service Providers
  • measuring technology
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical technology
  • Chemicals

Extensive Proceedings (Litigation) in the following areas

  • fundamental procedings for the following areas
    • trademark law
    • competition law
    • antitrust law
    • Press law
    • Distribution Law
  • Vehicle technology, road traffic law and road traffic licensing law (Vehicle Construction and Traffic Licensing)
  • Defense of unauthorized warnings (competition law)
  • Examination, evaluation and criticism of technical expert reports, especially for vehicle and road traffic cases (also in case of accident causation)

Numerous consultations and designs for the following legal areas:

  • IT Law
  • Internet and media law
  • Advertising and Marketing (Competitionlaw - Competition Law)
  • Legal Project Management
  • Contract design
  • Contract Management and Legal Controlling (juridical related controlling)
  • Legal Risk Management (juridical related risk management)
  • Law on Product Liability
  • Law on Product Safety
  • Technical documentation (instructions manuals and warning notices)
  • Technical standards (in particular ISO, EN, DIN)
  • Quality assurance and quality management (ISO 9000 et seqq.)
  • Declaration of conformity (EU law)
  • Certifications (EU law)

Significant and interesting future potential I see on the following areas: